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Asian Studies Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Course Number Course Title Units Time Location Faculty
ANTH-362 Peoples of Asia 4 Units MW 2:00PM to 3:50PM SB-216 Prof. Kathy Nadeau
FIN-555 Trade and Business in Asia 4 Units MW 4:00 PM to 5:50 PM JB-144 Prof. Dong Man Kim
HUM-328 Asian Cultural Traditions 4 Units TR 12:00PM to 1:50PM JB-142 Prof. Paul Pai
JAPN-101 College Japanese I 4 Units MWF 9:20AM to 10: 30AM UH-042 Prof. Makiko Amaya
(sec. 1)
Intermediate Japanese 4 Units MWF 12:00PM to 1:10PM UH-042 Prof. Makiko Amaya
MAND-101 College Mandarin I 4 Units TR 4:00PM to 5:50PM JB-142 Prof. Paul Pai
(sec. 1)
Language Study II: Korean 4 Units TR 8:00AM to 9:50AM UH-62 Staff
KINE 120B Tai Chi 2 Units MWF 2:40PM to 3:50 HPA-ANX Staff

Note: HUM 328: Asian Cultural Traditions fulfills Integrative Capstone in the Humanities (C5) and Multicultural/Gender (G1) requirements.

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